Gilmore Girls Revival in the Works for Netflix

Yesterday, Gilmore Girls fans got a little unexpected surprise. TVLine reported that a limited-series reboot of the hit mother-daughter series might be in the works for none other than the streaming giant, Netflix. It’s been eight years since the final episode aired in its seventh season. To top it off, we even got some confirmation from Lauren Graham, who tweeted “I can’t confirm this. But I also can’t deny this…” That leaves us with a bit of hope that this is the real deal.

It’s expected that stars Graham, Alexis Bledel, Kelly Bishop, and Scott Patterson will return to reprise their roles. Of course, one of the best characters on the show, Sookie, played by Melissa McCarthy, would unlikely return due to McCarthy’s sudden rise to fame in several movie roles, including Bridesmaids, The Heat, Tammy, Spy and more. She’s set to release a couple films in 2016, as well, one of them being a reboot of Ghostbusters.

Graham, Bledel, Bishop and Paterson have been mostly off the radar lately, leaving them open to a continuation of the series. Liza Weil, who played the egotistical, know-it-all Paris in the series, has gone on to do other projects, like appearing in Scandal and the new hit TV series How to Get Away with Murder, which is easily eating up her time. The show isn’t exactly the Gilmore Girls without all of these roles, including Paris. I’m prediciting that she’ll at least return for a couple of guest appearances, along with McCarthy (one can dream).

A reinstallation of Gilmore Girls will give creator Amy Sherman-Palladino the chance to end the show the ways she always intended–Sherman-Palladino had to leave before the final seventh season due to a contract dispute. Sherman-Palladino is hopeful and positive that there is still story left to be told. She always hoped for there to be a limited-series or film to finish out the story of the Gilmore Girls, and it’s likely that now she’s getting her chance.