Kim Kardashian’s Book is Dumb & Selfish


The front cover of Kim Kardashian’s book, “Selfish.”

Breaking news. Kim Kardashian tweeted out to her loving followers that her new book, “Selfish” is available now at Urban Outfitters. What a name for a book that contains only selfies of the overly-famous Kardashian sister.

If you don’t know already, the Kardashian family is a marketing, business, money-hungry group. Kim’s selfies on Instgram have claimed her as a Selfie Queen, and even some companies go to her to promote their brands right on her Insta. There’s hardly a photo on her Instagram that isn’t of her. The idea of Kim’s “selfish” book came about when she wanted to get something for her husband, Kanye, and of course, she thought–this would be a great selling opportunity. Yuck.

The 352-page¬†coffee table book of Kim’s photos is a selfish and money-thriving attempt to gain a larger fanbase. An Aug. 3 report stated that the book had only sold 32,000 copies, though the publisher is now saying that’s false, and that it’s sold much more.

Urban Outfitters is selling the book for $19.95 (the book’s original price), but is available at other locations much cheaper (shocking!). Fans, who are obsessed enough, can purchase the book for $12 at Barnes & Noble and around $10 on Amazon.

Though critics say the book has an agenda to promote female identity exploration, it’s time we had something like that from ordinary people–not a woman who takes selfies for a living. The book also contains several topless selfies of Kim. Several critics have expressed their praise towards the idea, until they open the book, and are left unimpressed.

Project Runway star Tim Gunn was one of those critics, stating at the time of the original release, “To all the young people out there in particular: Banish this…This is disgusting and vile. What if this is the only thing that survives in the time capsule? I feel my IQ is plummeting.”

To make a book comprised of only you and your selfies with your face plastered on every page is one thing, but to title it “Selfish” is another. At least Kim is aware of exactly what she is…conceited and selfish.

The book is available online now at Urban Outfitters.