5 Unique Date Ideas for the Fall

While for some of us it may still be a bit warm and muggy, fall is just around the corner, which means sweatshirt weather, scarves, campfires, high school and college football games, and more. With cooler temperatures less than a month away, it’s time to start brainstorming what exactly makes the perfect fall date. Every season, there’s something cute and fun for a couple to do, and fall centers around some pretty obvious and overused date nights–football games, fall festivals, and bonfires to name a few. So it’s time to think of things we haven’t tried yet.

Wine Tasting
Take your significant other to a local brewery or winery to taste some local brews. This isn’t a opportunity to simply drink. In fact, wine tasting is quite the learning experience. You can learn how to taste wine and learn what pairs best with each type, properly judge wine, and offer critiques. This date is typically uncommon as vineyards aren’t exactly right outside our door. They can be somewhat a drive away, but that adds to the adventure! Enjoy your day at a winery, eating and tasting different types of flavors.

Not a huge wine¬†connoisseur? Most people aren’t (even if they say they are). That’s why most wineries offere amateur sessions, incorporating fun, jokes and learning.

Horseback Riding
Don’t let this date be daunting–because it’s certinaly the opposite. A horseback ride through fall foliage is one of the most relaxing adventures to take with your other half. Ranches often train you first or have ride alongs to ensure you are comfortable and safe. Additionally, horseback riding is actually a very active adventure–you might even be sore the next day, but it’s all worth it.

Fall Picnic
Pack a basket with sandwiches and snacks and head outside on a beautiful fall afternoon for a picnic. It’s soothing to enjoy the outdoors, especially in much cooler weather under a canopy of golden and red leaves. A picnic is also a great surprise date for any occasion, or not occasion at all. Picnics are less and less popular, but are actually very fun and relaxing.

Apple and Pumpkin Picking
This is a common fall activity, but seldom do couples do it together or at all. Go to your local orchard and pick apples to bake with or pick out a pumpkin to carve later.¬†In some cases, this is just the start to a long date as you’ll likely be making apple pie together later or carving out your pumpkins to make pumpkin pie or roast the seeds.

Learn how to make a rich, delicious pumpkin buy with this recipe.

Visit a Haunted House
Lastly, get spooked by a haunted house. It’s common, yet most couples won’t take on the challenge together, but in fact, it actually will build your bond. Haunted houses can be scary, but in the end, they’re actually plenty of fun. If you’re a daring, adventurous couple, this date idea is perfect for you. Many cities go as far to have haunted carnivals that are full of haunted houses to try, like the Niles Scream Park in Niles, Michigan.