The 2015 VMAs Were Awkward and Uncomfortable

There’s no telling what might actually happen at each year’s MTV Video Music Awards, but one thing is certain–something strange will definitely happen. If you don’t know what I mean, six years ago, Kanye West interrupted Taylor Swift, to basically say her video was no good, during her acceptance speech–awkward.

Though last night was filled with glam and glitz and everything from bold to statement dresses, awkward moments became the highlight of the night once again. These awkward moments didn’t span from anything unordinary–in fact, some of the moments started out quite normal, and celebratory, and some even sincere, but then, as some award shows go, the moments turned a bit uncomfortable. Here are just a few to highlight.

Miley Cyrus at the MTV Video Music Awards | Getty |

Nicki Called Out Miley

Nicki Minaj didn’t simply say how rude Miley Cyrus (host at the VMAs) had been in the press about her over the last couple days. No, Nicki called her out in the most explicit way possible–right on stage. What was this spat about? It all had to do with a former misunderstanding between Nicki and Taylor Swift over Twitter (which the two quickly resolved with a duet performance at the top of the show).

Regardless, Nicki had her angry face on about the comments Miley made a couple days ago to Time Magazine, and by the looks of it, Miley was caught off guard. After Nicki accepted her award graciously for her video “Anaconda”, she then turned it back to Miley, saying, “Now, back to this b—- that had a lot to say about me the other day in the press, Miley, what’s good!?” Of course, Miley was quick to defend and say that they’re all in that industry and should understand how the press manipulates. But the moment was still awkward nonetheless, and it’s still unclear whether or not this little confrontation was real or fake, but by the looks of it, Nicki wasn’t too happy.

Justin Bieber Cried… A Lot

This wasn’t that awkward (and ok, it wasn’t a lot), but it was certainly unexpected from Justin Bieber. After performing two of his newest songs, he broke down in tears–either from joy from the huge applause he recieved or from the harness he was wearing while doing flying stunts. Nonetheless, he deserved to let it all out after being M.I.A. for so long.

Kanye West’s Acceptance Speech Left People Speechless


Kevork Djansevian | Getty |

This was likely the most emotional, awkward, and uncomfortable moment of the night. Six years after first meeting in a strange on-stage confrontation, Taylor Swift presented the Video Vanguard Award to Kanye West, even poking fun at him, saying “Kanye has had one of the best careers of all time!” She called him her friend and said that she’s always been a fan of his.

Shortly after Taylor’s lovely and kind speech about Kanye, he took to the stage to accpet the award… and the speech lasted 10 minutes. It was 10 minutes of sweet comments that then turned confusing. Kanye first mentioned things about his daughter, how if he had had a daughter six years ago, would he have gone up and taken a mic from someone else’s hand. He admitted that he didn’t quite know the right things to say at that time, leading us to believe that the Taylor-Kanye feud was all water under the bridge… or not. He then backtracked and started talking about other celebrities who deserved to win Album of the Year at The Grammys. One thing led to another, and Kanye was screaming, “brah” every second and talking about how he doesn’t understand award shows, and lastly, announced he would run for president in 2020.

All in all, his acceptance speech had a lot of sweet moments that led to confusion and raised eyebrows (even Taylor Swift looked a bit puzzled).

The night was a great event with great messages, but some stars seemed to miss their mark. Are we surprised? No. Do we expect anything less? Not really.