Jon Stewart’s Final “Daily Show” Was An Emotional Rollercoaster

The_Daily_Show_logo.800w_600h1After 16 years of “The Daily Show,” Jon Stewart’s jokes and sarcastic political remarks came to an end last night on Comedy Central. The late-night talk and news satire television show aired Monday through Thursday every night featuring guests from celebrities to politicians, and Jon Stewart’s jokes made viewers laugh around the world. Jon’s long opening monologues about current headlines sparked laughter his satirical remarks about poltical figures made even the politicians themselves laugh.

But last night, the show had its final hoorah, with Jon Stewart saying (as if nobody knew), “Guess what? I’ve got big news. This is it.” And with it, some of Stewart’s political and celebrity targets joked back, with Wolf Blitzer “wishing” Stewart a fairwell saying, “Screw you, Stewart,” and Bill O’Reilly calling Stewart a “quitter.”

Last night wasn’t all jokes and laughter, however. Jon Stewart shed some tears when Stephen Colbert thanked him for the opportunities he provided him. (If you didn’t know, Colbert started his career on “The Daily Show” as a correspondent,¬†and then moved to his own show, “The Colbert Report.”) Colbert said to Stewart, speaking on behalf of all the people he’s helped, “We owe you, and not just for what you did for our careers … we owe you because we learned from you.”

So what’s next for Jon Stewart now that’s he’s left “The Daily Show?” Will he fill the void in his schedule? Standup, directing, producing or even spending more time with his family are among the possibilities. Closing out his show, we know for certain it wasn’t a “goodbye” as the comedian said, “Rather than saying goodbye, or goodnight, I’m just going to say: I’m gonna go get a drink.”