Five Apple Watch Tips and Tricks

og_guided_toursNow that the Apple Watch has been available to the public for a little more than month, people are raving about its usability and functionality. Though the popularity seems to exist mostly outside the tech world, many people are claiming the wrist-gadget is better than the iPad. While it’s a small device that sits nicely on the wrist, it has a lot of functions that users are taking advantage of–from motivating better health to unlocking doors (yes, that’s right…unlocknig actual doors).

The Apple Watch is for people who want greater convenience and early access to wearables. It is also a second screen to your iPhone. With every new Apple device comes a new user interface, such as how the device works in your control. Here are seven Apple Water hacks (or tips) if you’re considering joining the wearable community:

1. Switch between apps by double clicking the crown
Similar to how you might swipe between open apps on your iPhone or iPad, the watch also has a similar feature, except instead of swiping, double clicking the crown button on the side will easily switch between apps, like your calendar, music, and messages.

2. Press down hard to delete all notifications
Simply press firmly on the Apple Watch screen to clear all your notifications from the notification screen.

3. Ping your iPhone
If you’ve lost your phone (face it, it happens to all of us), the Apple Watch can “ping” your phone once, kind of like the Find My iPhone app. Once you swipe up to the Settings Glance, simplre press the Ping Button.

4. The Apple Watch can also take a screenshot
Like the iPhone and iPad, this functionality for Apple devices is pretty universial. Press the only two buttons on the watch at the same time to take a screenshot.

5. Silence a notification with a quick motion
You can silence a notifcation by covering the watch with your hand.

With more than 3,500 Apple Watch apps available for download, the Apple Watch has already struck a chord with many Apple users. The price ranges from a few hundred dollars to a thousand and offers a wide range of convenient features.