Fall 2015 Fashion Predictions

Fall is almost here, which means we can finally start talking about fall fashion trends you can expect to see very soon. Fall, for most of us, means sweater weather and chunky scarves and that will never change, but what does change are the little details that can make your style pop. Each season is shifting from one style to the next, with subtle changes that create statement pieces and signature outfits.

To me, fall is the one season where you can be the most creative with your outfit choices. During the summer, you’re limited to singular pieces of clothing, meaning either a simple skater skirt and a light tank top, a romper, or shorts and a T-shrit. There isn’t too much you can do with an outfit when it’s hot outside, especially because wearing layers in the summer isn’t particularly common. In the fall months, however, wearing layers and mix and matching colors and patterns is actually a bit more fun.

New York Fashion Week is also around the corner, so this comes at a great time. Here are some of the trends you can expect to see this fall, according to Vogue.

Prints Are In
Prints and patterns are a fall must. Prints that have a touch of culture to them, or those that reference fabrics and motifs are especially popular this fall. Matching a print with a solid compliment, like solid tights or leggings will also make an outfit stand out.


Photo: Yannis Vlamos / Indigitalimages.com

Coats Are Getting Even Longer
If you can recall last winter’s coat trend which brought the puffy coat a little below the knees, fall coats will take it a step further. The thin, or semi-thin floor-duster coat is in, and you can even get one with a pattern to make a statment.

Fur is Forever
What’s fall without some subtle touches of fur? Fur is here again, and the best places to show off furry accents are around the neck, wrists or ends of a skirt or coat.

Patchwork is Popular Again
Let’s have a throwback moment to the seventies. Patchworked textures are in this fall, with multiple patterns on a shawl or overcoat. These pieces make huge impacts and while some can be chic, others can look pretty comfortable.

Last but Not Least, the Inspiring Pantsuit
There’s always been a huge upcoming chic trend (especially with celebrities) when it comes to wearing a sleek pantsuit. A menswear-inspired style influence, and women basically wear it better. This trend is perfect for work or after-work drinks with your coworkers.