6 Delicious Cook-Out Foods to Eat Labor Day Weekend

Let’s talk food–good, cook-out food to celebrate the end of summer. But first, Labor Day. What exactly is Labor Day and why do we have it? Labor Day is an American holiday celebrated on every first Monday of September. In truth, it’s a holiday to celebrate the American Labor Movement, and most importantly, recognizes social and economic accomplishments of workers. So what better way to celebrate labor than to take a day off from it? (And eat!)

Whether your family is headed out on vacation or you’re staying home and putting your feet up, try some of these delicious foodie finds that are perfect for an end-of-summer treat and relaxing weekend.

Turkey Salad Sandwich
Try this refreshing holiday sandwich either as an appetizer or main course meal. It’s refreshing and satisying, and you can choose to use any kind of meat–doesn’t have to be turkey. Combine it with celery, mayo, and onions for a delicious textured crunch. Get the recipe here.

Layered Saladseven-layer-salad-featured
There are a tons of recipes out there for this time of holiday dish or appetizer. Growing up, my mom always made a 7-layer salad with all types of vegetables–peas, eggs, spinach–and you can find multiple recipes here to choose from.

American Potato Salad
This, too, can be made in a variety of ways. Eggy potatoes are the best approach, with onions for a crunchy and mayo and mustard to add that creamy texture.

Chili-Corn Casserole
This delicious dish will leave you wanting more. It’s an American-style dish with hints of other cultures. It consists of chili, corn, polenta, and Monterey Jack cheese all piled into a layered, hearty dish–and it’s best served with the All-American hot dog.

Macaroni and Egg Salad
Try a traditional pasta salad with egg and elbow macroni. You can’t go wrong and there’s really no right or wrong way to make this traditional, popular dish. With some hints of onion and greens mixed in, you’re sure to be a 5-star chef at a Labor Day cook-out.

Grilled Pizza
If you’re cooking outside, use an outdoor grill to make these tasty, personal pizzas. Margherita pizzas are popular and delicious for Labor Day celebration. Add mozzarella and basil and it’s sure to please any hungry crowd. Find the recipe at the Food Network.