What’s the Big Deal Over One Direction’s New Single?

Ever since Zayn Malik called it quits with One Direction, fans have been in an uproar to bring him back. Well, sorry, it looks like it’s not happening. Instead, the four remaining boys decided to surprise their fans with some new music Thursday night with a song called, Drag Me Down. What makes this such a big deal? I guess it’s a way of the boys “moving on” from Zayn’s departure and presenting new music as a group of 4… instead of 5.

People are referring to this as a “Beyonce” move. Remember? When Beyonce released an entire album without the knowledge from anyone? No promotion. Nada. Quite the musical sneak attack, and 1D is trying to 1-up with a surprise single release. Sorry boys, no one beats Beyonce at her game.

So is the song really all it’s meant to be?

Yes and no. Okay, I will admit, it’s catchy (there’s a funky guitar riff) and these boys don’t disappoint when it comes to vocal chords. It’s unlike what we’ve heard from these boys in the past, and I’m sure all their crazed fans will have it on repeat for at least the next week.

Was this a stab at Zayn?

Of course not (at least, I don’t think so). One Direction has to move on, but it is a little strange that the release of this single only comes days after RCA Records announced that Zayn signed on with them for a solo record deal. Coincidence? Who knows. Zayne admitted that he never explained his leaving of One Direction. Apparently it had a lot to do with showing everyone his real self and… making real music?

What’s next for One Direction?

Well, a lot, actually. An album (hence the new single). Oh, and Louis Tomlinson is going to be a dad apparently. We’re all unsure how that is going to pan out with the tour, promotion and overall band-stuff, but I’m sure he’ll be a great father. Other than that, One Direction continues to remain in the spotlight of heavy news and new music–kind of like normal rockstars.