Summer Date Ideas

picnic-dateWe’re in the middle of some of the warmest months of the year. Gone are the days of cuddling up on the couch watching a movie or playing a game to avoid the brisk winter weather–no, no more of that. It’s time for dating to move beyond the DVD/Netflix player and time to go out on dates–real dates. The sun is out and that means we’re in middle the perfect weather for summer lovin’. Here are some fun summer dating ideas to get you out of the house and enjoying each other’s company.

Attend an Outdoor Summer Concert
Summer is all about music festivals and you aren’t celebrating summer together unless you’ve both attended an outdoor summer concert.¬†Amphitheaters showcase summer concert series each year. Check out your local outdoor venues for tickets.

Go to the Carnival or Amusement Park
There’s nothing like screaming your head off with your other half. Go to the carnival (if your town has one), or visit an amusement park. Rollercoasters, ferris wheels, ice cream, and cotton candy are just a few things that make this kind of date so much fun.

Go on a Bike Ride, Followed by a Picnic
Short on cash? No worries, because a simple bike ride (or even a tandem bike ride) through the park followed by a picnic makes for a perfect date.

Attend a Summer Festival
Summer festivals are in full swing right now in most towns. Enjoy the set up of an arts festival lined up along your downtown streets or attend one of the many hot air balloon or kite festivals going on this time of year.

Go to a Drive-In Movie
This classic date is one that can’t be beat. It’s something couples did years ago and with minimal drive-in theatres left, this is a one-of-a-kind experience. Enjoy a greasy burger while watching a double feature cuddle up under the moon.

Ride in a Hot Air Balloon
Not for those afraid of heights, taking each other up in a hot air balloon is a thrilling experience. Many places offer tethered hot air balloon rides or free floating ones. Riding in a hot air balloon is a peaceful and serene experience.

See a Baseball Game
There’s nothing quite like seeing a baseball game with your significant other. This kind of date is affordable and fun.

Go to the Zoo
If you both haven’t been to the zoo in a while, consider visiting for a short date. Enjoy the wildlife, shows, and each other while you explore the zoo. The zoo is a perfect couples’ destination for a warm summer day.

Visit a Winery and/or Brewery
It isn’t summer unless you’ve visited a winery/brewery. Wine and beer tasting are among some of the more popular things to do during the summer. Many wineries also have summer festivals and events to attend.

Have a Bonfire with S’mores
For a last minute late-night date, start a fire out in the backyard and enjoy some s’mores and each other’s company. A bonfire with some s’mores is a great end to a perfect summer date.