Summer Celeb Break-Ups

It’s been a summer of heartbreak, tears, and moving on. Most recently, celebrity news outlets have blown up with break-up after break-up, fueling heartbreak from friends and fans of these famous celebrity couples, whom we all thought would be together forever. Well, turns out, in the entertainment industry, sticking together can be quite the difficult task. It leaves us with the question, Why are celebrity divorce rates so high? It’s a tough business these people live in–temptations take over, schedules don’t work out, and money and fame plays a big factor. Last year, singer-songwriter Jason Derulo broke up with musician Jordin Sparks via text message, stating his career was going further than hers. This summer, the sad celebrity break-ups and divorces have continued, with some very famous couple divorces that even blindsided us.

Kourtney Kardashian & Scott Disick



It’s been a rough ride for the oldest Kardashian sister and long-time boyfriend and TV personality Scott Disick. The two split in June over some very big differences. Not only was Disick seen hanging with another girl while on vacation and again spotted with women (who were not Kourtney) entering his Beverly Hills home, he has also had a consistent drinking problem throughout his relationship with Kourtney.

Though the two have never married, they have three beautiful children together–Mason, 5, Penelope, 3, and Reign, 7 months. Disick’s troubled behavior has gotten him into relationship problms with Kourtney in the past, with on and off break-ups, but it looks like this time, Kourtney is calling it quits for good. Unless he can officially get his act together, it doesn’t look good for Disick.

Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck



These two called it quits in June, just a day after their 10th anniversary. According to Affleck, “after much thought and careful consideration,” he and Garner decided to file for divorce. Like many celebrity couples, the two have children together–Violet, 9, Seraphina, 6, and Samuel, 3. Like any ordinary couple, Garner and Affleck were often seen spending family time together, takine the children to school, and enjoying after-school activities. So what went wrong? Apparently, the marriage had been going downhill for years. In 2014, Garner admitted to the relationship no longer being in that “courtship” phase. Despite this admission and several more, these two have been known to praise each other, admitting that they wouldn’t be where they were without one another. So perhaps this was simply a decision that we’ll never truly know the reason behind–simply that these two needed to move on.

Still, 10 years is a long time to be with someone and just quit cold turkey, so it’s no surprise that Garner and Affleck have still been spotted together–no, moving back in together. It’s reported that the divorcees will move back in together once they return to their LA home (and after it’s done with renovations), but for now, they’re renting out Brook Shields’ house together in a Hollywood suburb. Maybe there’s still hope for these lovebirds.

Miranda Lambert & Blake Shelton


Say it ain’t so! Lambert and Shelton have done the unthinkable and news has surfaced that the two filed for divorce only days ago, finalizing on Monday, July 20. The country singers have been married for four years and been in the country spotlight the most througout their marriage. From performing together to making appearances with each other, it’s a major shock that these two have called it quits. Details have surfaced as to why Lambert and Shelton have decided to move on–turns out, Shelton filed for the divorce, and the cause? Dissolution. While we want to know every little detail of this divorce, the documents have been put under “protective order under seal,” meaning the public won’t receive any specifics as to what really went wrong.

Lambert will receive full custody of the couple’s Nashville property while Shelton will get to keep his Oklahoma ranch. While the couple doesn’t have children together, they have a lot of pets, and they’re still working out divvying up their six dogs, three cats, and multiple farm animals.