Easy Festive Fourth of July Food

The long-anticipated holiday of the summer is almost here, and with little time left to preapre! If you’re one of those last-minute party planners, this one’s for you. If you’re not, and think you still have room for a few more festive snacks, keep reading for delicious red, white and blue snacks you can serve to your guests at a barbeque or picnic this weekend.

Patriotic Pretzelschoc-caramel-pretzel-rods-1-copy

For these simple and tasty snacks, all you need are some pretzel rods, candy melts (can be purchased at Wal-Mart, Michaels or another local grocery store), and sprinkles, of course. You may purchase any color of candy melt. They are available in several colors, including red, white, blue, and brown (normal chocolate). Many patrotic pretzels I’ve seen are dipped in white chocolate and then drizzled with red candy for the flag’s stripes, and then dipped again in blue candy melt and sprinkled with white sprinkles. I’m sure you get the picture.

Or, like you might see in the photo, you can choose another method of decorating, with white drizzle over chocolate and colorful sprinkles. However you choose to do it, these patriotic pretzels are easy and fun. Along with the three items listed above, you’ll also need/use:

  • A Microwave
  • A Glass Bowl or Glass Measuring Cup
  • Parchment Paper or a Cooling Rack with wax paper underneath
  • Some Utensils (to scoop and drizzle the chocolate where desired)
    • You can also use a plastic bag and cut a hole in the corner to make an icing dispenser, but I’ve found that dipping a fork or spoon in the colored candy melt and slowly drizzling it over the pretzels works all the same.

To accomplish this cute patriotic surgary snack:

  1. Set the you desired colored candy melt pieces in the glass container you’ve chosen and then melt them in the microwave according to the package instructions.
  2. Dip about two-thirds of each pretzel rod in the melted candy.
  3. Lay out on parchment paper, or a cooling rack with wax paper underneath to catch any dripping messes.
  4. If you wish to dip the pretzels in another color, allow them to dry. If not, begin sprinkling. You want to make sure the candy is still wet when you sprinkle so they stick.
  5. If you wish to do any drizzles, like the stripes on an American Flag, melt the desired color you want just like the first step.
  6. Dip your fork or spoon in the melted candy and drizzle away!
  7. You should now have some colorful, patriotic candy pretzels to show off and serve to your guests.

roundup102American Flag Platter

This last-minute snack idea will have your guests impressed. As you see in the photo, this American Flag platter is simple and even afforadable. You can do a platter any sort of way you want, so long as it works. Use strawberries as the red stripes, and cheese or white chocolate-covered pretzels as the white stripes. For the blue portion of the flag, use a small box of blueberries. This idea is simple, yet also creative and looks like it takes a lot more time than it really does. It’s only a matter of purchasing all the pieces to make yourself (and your guests) a yummy American Flag.