Three Short-Hair Summer Trends

It’s summer and girls are chopping their hair off. From the pixie cut to the flowy bob, summer is the perfect time to experiment with our locks. It’s hot and muggy outside and with naturally long hair getting in the way, we’re seeing a spike in hair coming to the shoulders or perhaps even shorter. Celebrities are usually our go-to for what’s in style this season, and it’s not doubt we’re seeing the boyish pixie cut continue well into the summer months, on actresses like Lily Collins, Jennifer Lawrence, and Miley Cyrus.

Here are this season’s five short-hair trends:

The Boyish Phbz-15-summer-haircuts-for-2015-00-472195360ixie

The pixie cut is everlasting. Ever since Miley Cyrus cut her gorgeous locks, celebrities have been following suit. If you’re a long-hair girl, the pixie cut is the most daring. Losing that much hair can certainly be a shock, and growing out the pixie cut can also be a frightening nightmare. Fear not, Jennifer Lawrence accomplished it with these tricks. Lily Collins’ boyish pixie here is modest with minimal styling–perhaps a quick straightening of the bangs in the morning to style. Onc this super short hair-do becomes geting a little longer, push back the bangs into a sweepy style or even out the layers for a choppy look.

It’s not doubt this is a tough look to pull off for some girls, but I faith anyone can work it if styled appropriately to your face shape. Trust me, you’ll be thankful for this cool summer look.


Shouldertaylor-swift-st-tropez-tanning-essentials-self-tan-bronzing-mousse-beauty-ftr-Length Tapered Layers

Too nervous for the daring pixie cut? Not to worry. A shoulder-length cut can also change up your look. The advice would be to cut your hair just above your shoulders and let it grow out from there–I assure you, it’ll grow out much faster, feel healthier, lighter, and add a new look to your many hair styles. A face frame with tapered layers will complete this look, as seen here with Taylor Swift. If you opt for side-swept bangs, make sure you have the face shape for it.

Often times, bangs can be a hit or miss, and can be a difficult feat in the morning when styling. For simple styling tips, straighting bangs with a little side sweep seen here is the easiest, and quite possibly the classiest. Boost the volume of this short hair-do with some teasing in the back and you’re ready for the warm weather!

jennifer-lawrence-good-morning-america-short-hair-grown-out-w540The Choppy Bob

This look can be choppy or smooth, but I think choppy is certainly making a statement–just as Jennifer Lawrence is making here. It’s stylish, yet casual, perfect for the summer months. And by the time fall hits, you’re hair will likely reach shoulder-length status like Taylor Swift.

This Jennifer Lawrence look is the one following her pixie cut. As her hair gradually grew out, it shaped into this cute little bob. Unlike a pixie, this cut will allow you some flexibility to style and experiement with your hair.

You can also choose to even out the layers, but that defeats the purpose of the choppiness. This looks is great for summer, spending time on the beach, casual hang-outs, and you can still style appropriately for work occasions.