Everything iOS 9 Will Do That iOS 8 Didn’t

iOS-9It’s official. As of Monday, June 8, Apple unveiled its latest and greatest of what it’s been cooking up in that minimalistic, white crystal lab. The guys in the button-ups and 90’s jeans presented a few new things that the new Apple operating system will do, along with a few other gadgets and gizmos.

The Apple Worldwide Developer’s Conference 2015 (or better known as WWDC15) kicked off on Monday and ends today. The developer community comes together to learn about the future of iOS, attend technical sessions and hands-on labs, and more. Now that the hype has settled about Apple’s unveil of its newest iOS (or at least a little), here are the key things iOS 9 is bringing to the table–and it looks like “the look” may be getting a couple adjustments, as well.

Before we continue on with iOS 9, let’s rewind and take a look at what iOS 8 brought us:

Apple’s biggest change that came with iOS 8 is one to be remembered—a whole new minimalistic interface, changing the way iOS devices not only functioned, but how they appeared. Icons changed, functions altered, and iPhones and iPads were revamped for the future. Now that we’ve “seen the future,” let’s take a look at its continuation with iOS 9.

Siri will be Smarter
He/She is already pretty intelligent, but Apple wants to perfect Siri’s knowledge even more. Siri will now be 40% smarter and 40% more accurate. It will soon understand context with the word “it” and other pronouns. For example, if you tell Siri something like, “Remind me about this later,” it’ll understand “this” and try to pull up what you’re referring to.


iOS 9 will allegedly require less storage and give users on iPhone 6 one more hour of battery life.

Location-Based Knowledge
iOS 9 will boost location-based knowledge, for example, if you’re listening to an audiobook in the car, your phone will recognize the next time you’re in the car and bring that up for you to continue listening.

Require Less Storage
Probably the most noteworthy change from iOS 8 to iOS 9: it will require less storage, shifting from 4.6 GB to 1.3 GB. A huge change. We all know the extensive storage requirement that came with iOS 8 probably had a lot to do with the entire revamping of the system’s interface. Looks like Apple has finally realized that space is also pretty darn important.

Longer Battery Life for iPhone 6
It goes without saying, the young and adapting generations of today’s world require battery and lots of it. We’ve tried long extension cords to connect our phone and charger, portable chargers on long trips, even phone charging cases. Well now, according to Apple, iOS 9 will stop eating up so much of your battery for wireless updates and apparently provide an additional hour of battery life.

Multitasking for iPad
You know the convenience of splitting your screen monitor to look at the Internet while you do your homework on Microsoft Word, or a program alike? Well, we can continue that trend with multitasking for the iPad with iOS 9. No more switching between apps and Internet browsers.

Notes App Gets a Remodel
Not so much for looks, but more in terms of increased quality. The Notes app on your phone is nice for jotting down quick memos or reminders, but now users can add links, maps, and photos into Notes, along with draw directly on the app and add headings and formatting for better organization.

While there are many more changes within iOS 9, these are just some key players in the new system. Apple Developers want users to know that while this change affects both the iPhone and iPad, it is mostly significant for the latter.

Let’s just keep our fingers crossed that this battery life thing is real.