Why Cooking at Home is So Important

Community has always been built around one important thing: food. Eating out has become a tradition for families, especially with so many options to choose from, but Americans are spending more time away from their kitchens and more time standing in line for a burger and fries. According to the United States Healthful Food Council, Americans spend about half of their food expenses eating out, when some of that could be spent in the kitchen at home.

Let’s take a look at some reasons why eating in and the company of family and friends around a kitchen table is truly rewarding.

1. It’s Nutritious
Though meals at restaurants are fulfilling and tasty and even appropriate on special occasions, they often times leave restaurant-goers feeling sluggish. Restaurant meals are high in fat, salt, and sugar, but cooking your own meals at home could minimize these unhealthy factors. A home-cooked meal provides endless opportunities to choose from healthy ingredients at a local supermarket and even train you to eat healthier.

2. Save Money
Eating out and eating in can both have their expensive disadvantages, but eating in will ultimately save you money in the long run. While fast food restaurants may be cheap, many people spend a lot of their money there because of frequency and convenience. Dine-in restaurants are usually overpriced–and don’t forget additional costs. Purchasing a couple week’s worth of food may seem expensive at times, but it will encourage families to eat in more often. There are a variety of cost-effective ingredients to purchase at the store that will last more than one meal.

3. It Prevents Food Allergies
While not everyone has food allergies, eating more frequently at home may minimize any risks for those who do. Lactose intolerance, digesting gluten, or severe nut allergies are just a few common food allergies many people struggle with. Preparing a big meal at home allows you to accommodate those with food allergies, knowing where the food is cooked, where the ingredients come from, and which ingredients you choose to cook with.

4. It Creates Togetherness
A good home-cooked meal prepared alongside family and friends creates a sense of community and togetherness. Cooking at home allows experimentation with ingredients and the ability to try new things. Preparing a family meal together, and with children, creates a learning environment and brings families closer together. Children who learn to cook at home may also learn healthier eating habits. Make cooking at home a learning process, and a fun one.