Travel Apps You Need This Summer

What would we do without our phones or tablets? They give us connection, search tools, advice and even help with some of the more difficult tasks–like traveling. This summer, warm weather and saved-vacation time gives us the excuse to pack our bags for a week and travel states away or even overseas to see a part of the world we’ve yet to explore, and the technology in our pockets has just the key to making trips convenient and exciting.

No one ever likes writing checklist for packing items. Well, PackPoint does it all for you. Once you tell it your destination, it then makes suggestions for items to bring (sometimes even items you may not consider).

Yelp (Free) has an app for both iPhone and Android users, providing millions of reviews on businesses worldwide. The app also provides details on businesses, from locations and directions to contact information. If you want to try out a new restaurant in an area you’ve never visited, Yelp will provide you with reviews and the best establishments before making your decision.

Trip Splitter ($1.99)
This financial app helps travelers keep track of who owes what during a trip. It allows you to split bills and keep track of finances throughout the trip.

TripIt (Free)
This little travel planner organizes everything from your flights and car rentals to restaurant reservations. Not only perfect for business travelers, this app will include directions to and from destinations in your travel plan for tourists.

HotelTonight (Free)
If you hate planning ahead, HotelTonight offers deals on hotel rooms last-minute. An ideal app for flexible and easygoing travelers simply looking for a cheap place to stay at the eleventh hour… literally.

Uber (Free)
This isn’t your ordinary taxi service. This is a free app that allows you to “call” an Uber Driver and receive rides without having to use cash, but rather payment through credit card. The app allows riders to see where nearby drivers are located, how long it will take them to arrive, and follow the car throughout the entire trip. After the ride is complete, riders tip straight from their phones and not only do the riders rate drivers on a 5-star scale, drivers can also rate their customers. The app is convenient, offers several options of cars and services, and tracked for safety.

Gate Guru (Free)
This free iPhone app is for the less-confident airport traveler. It will help you navigate your way through airports, anticipate wait times, and even find the best food within the airport.

OpenTable (Free)
Hate calling to make reservations? Look no further than the OpenTable app for the iPhone. With TouchID incorporated in the app, making a restaurant reservation is literally a touch away.