Summer Wedding Hairstyle Ideas

It’s finally summer, which means it is also wedding season for a number of brides to be. One downside of a summer wedding is the effect of the summer heat on your perfectly styled hairdo’s. Heat and humidity are your hair’s number one enemies, leading to frizz, limp curls, and even more disastrous effects. Here are some hairstyle ideas that will ensure that your hair looks good from wedding start to finish.  

Braids, Braids, and More Braids

Braids are a great option for keeping unruly hair looking good. There is a variety of ways to incorporate braids into your do and to make sure you hair looks great. One great option is a thick braid surrounded by artful knots, this look appears elaborate and elegant, when really its just braids all mixed together. This will also keep your hair off your neck, keeping you cool, while simultaneously keeping the frizz to a minimum. Another beachy braid look is to create two thick, fishtail braids that connect into one braid the back. Keep the rest of your hair down and wavy to maximize the beachy feel. This look is simple and can be done as messy or sleek as you would like. Braids are your best friend when it comes to battling those summer effects.




Another option for a summery look is to add nature-esque accessories to your do. One trending look right now is the flower crown. The type of crown varies depending on what overall look you are trying toachieve. However, no matter which color and look you choose, a flower crown will most definitely add a summer angel feel to your hairdo. To bump this look up even more, lightly wave or curl your hair. Another option is a moretraditional, sparkly hair piece with an elegant updo. A sleek bun is a great option for the summer heat, as it will control frizz and keep you cool. A sparkly hair accessory can glam the bun up and add to your overall look. Accessories can be your best friend when it comes to creating that perfect hairstyle.



It’s your special day, so don’t let the season ruin your hairdo!

About the Author: Tara is a guest contributor from The Perfect Card Box, offering card boxes for a types of events.