The Newest Hair Trend: Turquoise Mermaid Locks

One of the newer hair trends that seems to be on every celebrity head is turquoise mermaid locks. The turquoise look is perfect for the warmer seasons and really gives an edge to whomever dons it. Here are some takes on how turquoise is making its way into our everyday hair colors! 

All Over Commitment

Some have decided to fully commit to the turquoise and have dyed their whole heads. Hilary Duff and Demi Lovato are two great examples of the turquoise movement, with full heads of the color. The completely colored look is edgy and quirky. For those with blonde hair like Duff, the overall do is easier to accomplish and won’t take too much of a toll on your hair. However, for those with naturally dark hair like Lovato, achieving the perfect shade of turquoise can be a little more tricky and damaging. Bleaching is the first step as a lighter color takes the turquoise better and makes it stand out. Having to bleach and then dye the hair can cause the hair some major damage, but there are many products that work to revitalize and bring the hair back to health, while simultaneously maintaining your awesome turquoise shine.

Ombre or Tips

Vanessa Hudgens

Another, more common take on the turquoise style is just dying the tips of your hair or doing an ombre of sorts. Stars like Kylie Jenner and Vanessa Hudgens have dominated this style of turquoise with bright and light ombres. The ombre do is a great way to add some crazy color to your hair without the major commitment. You can still look edgy while maintaining a more stylistically normal look. Jenner makes a bold statement with her bright turquoise, while Hudgens lightens the color to create a more pastel look. Again with darker hair the two step process of bleach and dye is necessary, but only doing parts your head can help to reduce the damage and when you don’t want the colored hair anymore you can just chop it. The ombre turquoise look is also trendy as it combines two major hair trends right now with ombre and turquoise!

Mix and Match

Another take on the turquoise phenomenon is mixing it with other colors. Ke$ha does it best with her pastel turquoise and pink half and half do. The look is subtle, yet interesting is perfect for Ke$ha’s usually unique looks. Mixing your turquoise with other complementary colors can allow for a whole new take on the trend, plus you get to play with more than one dye!