Toy Story 4, Not a Sequel?

Last November, Disney CEO Bog Iger casually announced during an earnings call that a Toy Story 4 will be made. Fans were surprised, as the third film seems to wrap up the story well enough. However, the next Toy Story will not be a sequel to the third film but will instead focus on a love story.

Toy Story 3 ended with Andy, the young boy throughout the films that owns Woody and Buzz, handing over his toy collection to a new young girl as he goes off to college. What else is there left to tell besides carrying on the toys’ adventures with this new owner? Many fans have protested the idea of a fourth film, arguing that the initial trilogy of films told a satisfying enough tale. Supporters of the idea are overjoyed at the thought of their favorite ¬†franchise coming back from the dead.

Protesters and supporters alike are getting their wish it looks like as the fourth film is not to be seen as a sequel. Pixar President Jim Morris told Disney Latino’s blog that Toy Story 4 “will be a romantic comedy. It will not focus much on the interaction between the characters and children.” The film seems to be leaning towards a similar style found in the “Toy Story” short specials which focus on the toys’ interactions with each other only. Morris also says, “The third film had ended in a way that was beautiful and that completed the trilogy. I think that this film isn’t part of this trilogy. It’s a separate story, which in turn … I’m not sure whether it will be a continuation.”

So far Toy Story 4 is in the early stages and the cast is currently on the third table reading, getting actors together to build the story fully. Critics of the idea are labeling the movie as an attempt for Pixar to exploit a classic to make a few bucks. However, Morris defends the project by saying that Pixar only does films that they are passionate about and reassures that they’re not just exploiting the franchise.

“Fortunately, our movies are successful, and we don’t have to exploit them by making sequels form money. That’s not what it’s about. It’s about an idea that is met with enthusiasm.”

Toy Story 3, at the time of its release, became the highest-grossing animated picture ever until Frozen, grossing over $1 billion.

Toy Story 4 is set to release on June 16, 2017.