The Top Four Best ‘SNL 40’ Moments

SNL has been a Saturday night tradition now officially for 40 years, inspiring actors, comedians, and fans alike. The ‘SNL 40’ special, aired on Sunday, February 15, was a marathon of SNL appreciation, reminiscing, and amazing comedy. The special dug up old characters and skits from as far back as season 1 and brought together an amazing group of big name actors and actresses. Below are four of the best moments of ‘SNL 40.’

1. Any time Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon get together, you know the skit is going to be wildly entertaining and charismatic and the special’s opening skit was no exception. The duo took the musical route and rapped the various SNL catchphrases that have become classics throughout the years. The rap included classic character walk-ons including Debbie Downer and Mary Katherine Gallagher. The whole skit started the special off right, ending with a giggly and out of breath Fallon and ¬†Timberlake sticking their faces in the camera.

2. Celebrity Jeopardy with Will Ferrrell as an uptight Alex Trebek was a major hit during the special. Whenever Ferrell appears on the SNL stage fans rejoice as he never fails to hit his character’s mark. Other hilarious celebrity impersonations included Kate McKinnon’s Justin Bieber, trying to charm Ferrell with exaggerated Bieberesque moves, Darrell Hammond as a bullying Sean Penn, and Jim Carrey’s contemplative Matthew McConaughey. Overall the skit was overflowing with comedic genius and left the audience giggling.

3. “The Californians” made an appearance during the special, starring the classic love to hate them accents and surprise celebrity Californians. Betty White makes and appearance, as well as Taylor Swift as cousins, as well as Bradley Cooper who got to lock lips with White. Wiig and Hader giggle through their lines and are perfect Californians as always.

4. Maya Rudolph donned her Beyonc√© persona while accompanied by Martin Short and Bill Murray in a musical skit. Rudolph performed an amazing rendition of “Drunk in Love” paying tribute to SNL history. The skit encompassed favorites like Adam Sandler’s Operman, Marty Culp and Bobbi Mohan Culp, Derek Stevens, DeAndre Cole, King Tut, and the Blues Brothers. Bill Murray stole the show with his portrayal of Nick Ocean singing of ¬†“Jaws.”