The Best Winter Boot Brands

Living in the Midwest means heavy snows, freezing temperatures, and slushy surroundings all winter long. To make matters even more frigid, winter also lasts from November-March most years, meaning having the proper equipment is key to survival. The perfect pair of winter boots are warm, waterproof, fashionable, and have good grip. After years and years of failing when it comes to choosing the right boots, I’ve finally figured it out and have found myself loving the dry, warm feet life that having good winter boots has afforded me. Here are the top brands out there right now saving feet from winter misery.


Timberland offers a variety of rugged, waterproof, and most of all fashionable winter boots. I know that the first image that pops into people’s heads when they hear the name Timberland are the classic construction worker yellow style, I used to be the same way. But after exploring their various styles and colors in the women’s department, I found myself purchasing a maroon and green pair that I absolutely love! My specific pair are leather, waterproof, and warm, warm, warm. Other styles offered are the classic yellow, suede, and various heights. The boots are a little pricey but have a warranty of years of wear and should last you multiple winters. The soles have great grip and have helped me to not slip on ice, slush, or snow. Overall, Timbos really live up to their rugged reputation.


Sorel also offers amazingly waterproof and insulated boots in a variety of types and styles. The boots range from knee high to ankle, furry or non, and slip on to lace up. Sorels are great for hardcore winters as they are majorly insulated and have great soles that prevent slippage. Also, Sorels are a little more girly in style and have awesome patterns, a look for almost everyone. Sorels are also a little pricey, but again have a warranty that should last you multiple winters. For a more eskimoesque look, Sorels are for you.

The North FaceĀ 

The North Face brand is winter’s number one enemy in all things clothes from coats to boots. The North Face boots are insulated, grip well, and are as essential as all their super warm coats. The North Face boots come in a variety of textures, styles, and levels of winter wearability. The boots are perfect for super snowy days as well as just walking to and from your car. There are various looks, all fashionable and won’t hinder your overall look.