Yay or Nay on Faux Fur Vests

Winter is in full swing and temperatures are dropping but that doesn’t have to mean boring sweaters every day. Fur and faux fur seem to be everywhere this season from the runways to celebrities to the girls in your local city.

Whether you’re dressing for a night out with the girls or for work, you can incorporate this unique trend into your daily wardrobe. You can dress up the vest with a tight, more evening dress underneath. Match a vest with a pair of dark skinny jeans and cute top for a more casual look. You can even wear the vest with a cute band tee on underneath if you really want to just spice up your go to outfit.

The vests come in a variety of lengths from cropped to a more boho long length. The longer look is a better option if you’re looking to stay extra warm. Layer it with a turtleneck of even another sweater underneath. The cropped look works best for dressier outfits and is less about staying warm.

When having to wear another coat, if your city is anything like mine with freezing temperatures, wear your vest over your normal jacket to create a new outerwear look. The cropped vest works best and can add another layer of warmth and style. Also when you get to your destination you can just remove the coat and put the vest back on to keep your outfit from deflating.

Major celebrities that have been seen rocking the trend include Mary Kate Olson (the queen of boho), Kate Moss, Jessica Alba, and the Kardashian sisters. These celebs have been utilizing their fur vests with more casual looks, like Mary Kate who matched her gray vest with a black long sleeve cotton dress and heeled boots.

You can find affordable fur vests at your favorite stores like Forever 21, Nordstrom, and H&M. The vests come in a variety of “furs” from dark gray to brown and the classic black. Your new fur vest opens up a new plethora of outfit ideas!