New York City Has Royal Visitors

Prince William and Kate are prepared to visit the United States with a packed agenda ahead of them. Set to arrive today, the couple plans to fit a lot into their just three day visit. These events range to everything from spotlighting their charitable interests in wildlife conservation and child development to attending a Cleveland Cavaliers – Brooklyn Nets game. They will also be making a stop to pay respects at the National September 11 Memorial and Museum. They are looking forward to building these ties with Americans who share their same ideas and philanthropic beliefs. Prince William is also making a solo trip to Washington D.C. while Kate visits a child development center in New York City.

While the main focus of the couple’s trip will be their philanthropic ideas, the main focus of many eyes will be on Kate’s style. As a prominent fashion icon, we are looking forward to seeing what attire she has for this the trip. Kate usually favors top fashion designers such as Alexander McQueen, Roksanda Ilincic, and LK Bennett, but expect to see some more American designers in her bag this time. It is tradition to pay fashion tributes to a host country when visiting.

There has been much discussion about what to do if you are lucky enough to meet the royal couple. If you do get a chance to meet them, don’t fret about what to call them. The proper way to greet them is with “Your Royal Highness,” and then after that “sir” or ma’am.” This language isn’t natural or comfortable for many Americans, and it is best to not get tongue-tied with formalities. The couple is relaxed and is looking to meet as many Americans as possible during their visit. The best way to greet the couple is whatever way feels most comfortable to you; they are more interested in having conversations than having people worry about how to address them.

Prince George will not be joining his parents on their first United States trip since his birth. We can only hope that he will be accompanying his parents here when he is a little bit older.