Tips for Traveling around the Holidays

Traveling around the holidays can be an exciting time, whether you are going to visit family or going on an exotic vacation, but it also can be extra stressful with more chances for weather delays and busier airports. Here are some tips for making your holiday season travel the smoothest it can be.

Avoid Peak Travel Dates

The Wednesday before Thanksgiving is known as one of the worst travel days with so many people trying to leave for their destinations. Try to fly out Tuesday or even Thanksgiving morning, with few people wanting to fly on the actual holidays. Thanksgiving morning travel is often a breeze and much more affordable as well. These early flights can often get you to your destination before lunch so you don’t even miss too much while saving a lot of money. The same is true for Christmastime. If you don’t mind arriving on Christmas Day, you can save yourself a lot of travel troubles with less people flying and on the roads.

Book Early

Waiting until the last minute to book any sort of holiday travel is grounds to paying incredibly high fares. Airlines and other travel sources increase prices the closer it gets to the holiday. This is true for both Thanksgiving and Christmas so spontaneous trips are much less cost-efficient this time of year. Plan ahead to save yourself some money.

Plan Your Travel Times Carefully

If you are flying to your destination with a connection, make sure that you notice how much time you have for your layover. Opt for a longer layover to account for the potential of flight delays due to inclement weather. Giving yourself this extra time can save you a sprint through the terminal or even a missed flight. Your travel time should also take into account how long it takes you to get to the airport, train station, or other transportation hub. Icy roads can turn a 30 minute drive into a 2 hour drive. Take that into consideration when planning when to leave; it is always better to get there early than miss your plane/train/bus/etc. Look up the most congested roads ahead of time so you know which route will get your there quickly and safely.

The holidays are a wonderful time filled with trips to see family and friends all across the country. Planning your trip out carefully have help reduce some of the stress that accompanies traveling. Taking the time to account for bad weather and other winter mishaps can really help you have smooth traveling to any destination.

About the Author: Julie is a guest contributor from America by Rail, leaders in train travel across North America and Europe.