Love is In the Air

As frequent fliers and business travelers, Dottie Coven and Keith Stewart decided the best place to exchange vows was at cruising altitude on a Southwest Airlines flight from Nashville to Dallas. Sticking with the theme of love, they opted for the flight heading toward Dallas Love Field. When they approached the airline with their idea, the airline known for their entertaining and fun flight attendants, was on board. With a band and balloons lining the jetway, the couple along with friends and family boarded the flight from Nashville to Dallas. Other passengers not aware they were going to witness a ceremony on board received an extra boarding pass inviting them to the celebration.

To begin the ceremony on board, the flower girl walked down the aisle and staying true to the airline theme, handed out peanuts instead of flowers. The officiant used the loud speaker to perform the marriage, including slight variations of the traditional vows to accommodate the location, asking for any objections to be dealt with my pressing the flight attendant call button.

While this was a unique and special time for the couple, Southwest Airlines also used it to highlight their new nonstop flight from Nashville to Dallas Love Field. The couple ceremoniously got married on the airlines first nonstop flight between those locations. The airline also gifted the newlyweds with a flight to Puerto Rico for their honeymoon, another new destination for Southwest Airlines.

If you are deciding on the location of your special day, don’t be afraid to step outside the box to make it truly unique and special to you. This couple created a day that they will remember forever in their own special way. Look up various locations that you may not have thought of if you are looking for a twist on a traditional wedding. There can be advantages and disadvantages to any space you choose, especially deciding between outdoors and indoors. You can read some pros and cons here to help you aid in your location decision. Whether you decide to stay on the ground to exchange vows or venture 30,000 feet up, your day is bound to be special.

About the Author: Jamie is a guest contributor from The Perfect Card Box, a provider in wedding card boxes and photo card boxes for any occasion.