Black Friday Shopping Tips

It’s hard to believe Thanksgiving is right around the corner, signaling the crunch time to buy holiday gifts for friends and family. Buying gifts for everyone on your list can get pricy, and thankfully Black Friday is there to help. We all know it can get a little crazy, with sales and shoppers getting more and more intense, so we created a few tips to help your shopping experience go as smoothly as possible.

Research, Research, Research!

Black Friday is not the day to leisurely head out to browse the stores for the perfect gift. Many companies are already posting their Black Friday deals or will do so in the upcoming days. This is the time for you to start asking your friends and family if they want anything specific or start looking through the deals on your own to get ideas. Going in with a plan and a list is crucial for the busy stores.

Compare Prices Before You Go Out

With the amount of people in the stores and the long lines to even get in, you won’t want to try to do price comparing that day. Seeing a product in one store and then leaving to check it out in another will cost you time, energy, and possibly the product if it sells out while you are gone. Comparing prices doesn’t just mean looking at the price of the product; compare if either store is bundling it with accessories or if you get any bonus gift cards for purchasing an item at a specific store.

Bring the Ads with You

Bringing the ads with you will not only help you remember which store has which products, but will help you at the register as well. Many stores have a price match guarantee or something similar to that. Bringing the ad will help you get the lowest price at any store that carries this policy. This can save you time going to another store while still getting you the best deal on the product.

Black Friday has become its own holiday of sorts, bringing out shoppers at all hours of the night. It is exciting and can be stressful if you are not prepared, but can be a great experience as well, having no other day of the year quite like it. If you have read these tips and still don’t feel prepared to face the crowds that Friday, Cyber Monday may be more your style!

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