A Small Space Doesn’t Have to Mean Small Decorations

Holiday decorations don’t always have to go by the motto of “less is more”. If you are living in a small space this holiday season, don’t feel as if you have to have small decorations as well. By decorating with a little more creativity, you can make you small space look like a winter wonderland, filled with holiday spirit.


Embrace winter with hanging twinkle lights or icicle lights from the ceiling around a doorway. This is a great decoration option that uses no space around your house. If you don’t want to hang lights, you can also use your doorway to hang mistletoe. This classic holiday tradition takes up no space and always keeps your home looking festive.

The Tree

If you are crunched for space, having a full sized tree may not be an option, or having a tree at all. If this is the case, there are options to still allow you to feel like you have a Christmas tree! If you can’t fit a tree anywhere, you may opt to make a decorative table centerpiece with candles, garland and berries. This will not only spice up your table, but act as a makeshift tree in your small space. If you must have a tree, you can opt for a tabletop tree, leaving floor space still available in your home. You can still decorate it with your favorite ornaments and lights, just on a smaller scale.


You can really utilize wall space in a small home for optimal Christmas decorations. You can drape garland around mirrors, picture frames, and other decorations that are already hanging on your wall. This will add holiday spirit to existing decorations. You can also make a collage of ornaments to hang from a hook on the wall or from a chandelier. Simple decorations can make all the difference when adding a little holiday cheer to your home.

A small space doesn’t have to mean only a little Christmas spirit and few decorations in your home; it could just mean that you need to decorate a little more creatively. Take this opportunity to do something out of the ordinary with your decorations, making your home festive in your own way.