The Latest Facebook App: Rooms

After Facebook’s surge to encourage participants to use their own names in their profiles, there is now a place to connect and chat with people using any pseudonym you choose. On Thursday, Facebook launched their latest new app, Rooms, an anonymous chat room app designed to connect even more people.

This app is completely independent from your Facebook app, which allows you to be as anonymous as you would like. No details about your location or name are shared with members of the group to allow you to feel free to chat with whomever you like. You can create a pseudonym which is shown in the chatroom, keeping your actual identity a secret. These chatrooms are based off shared interested, having different chatrooms from TV show fanatics to gardening. Participants can post photos, text and videos in these rooms.

This push for new apps from Facebook is an attempt to stay relevant and continue to encourage a younger crowd to stay with the company. As a 10 year old company, many younger people are looking toward newer and trendier social media forums. This is also due to a recent issue Facebook has faced with the LGBT community specifically regarding the use of real names on Facebook. This push back led to a loss of many transgender users and Facebook was looking for a way to regain some of its lost followers.

Will this anonymous chatroom keep Facebook in the mix? Only time will tell, but it is evident that Facebook puts jumping onto new trends as a priority. Rooms is following in the footsteps of the increasingly popularity of other anonymous sites with its own twists. Apps such as Whisper and Secret are based off of anonymity and Rooms is hoping to have the same success with that similar backbone.