Merging Technology and Education: Top Apps for College Students

With the release of the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and the new iOS, most everyone is talking about Apple. The releases have brought out both positive and negative views on the company and its products, as well as many new customers to the iPhone family. Whether you are a new iPhone user, long-time supporter or the product, or have no intention of ever converting from your android, there is no denying that the new iOS and iPhones are hot topics. All phones are only as powerful as you make them, and with the addition of some innovative apps, you can customize your phone to be the best for you. Technology can either enhance our learning experience or hinder it with all its distractions. Here are a look at some of the best iPhone apps for college students to enhance your phone and user experience throughout your college career.


Did you forget your laptop at home with your important notes for class but remembered to grab your phone on the way out? Did your computer crash the night before a big paper was due? Dropbox allows you to store your papers, notes, and homework in the cloud and retrieve them from any device with just a connection to the Internet. When you are finished writing a paper, save it to your device as well as to Dropbox. If your computer has a freak accident and your hard drive is erased, your information will still be available to you on any device once you sign into Dropbox. Avoid trying to recreate your term paper by just having your original one stored on the cloud.


With students taking so many classes throughout the semester, assignments and exams can be overlooked and pushed aside while trying to focus on other things. With this app, you are able to program when homework is due, the time and place of exams, and even information about your next class. You will be reminded of it in time to make sure you turn your assignments in on time. You even can check off once they are completed to watch your to do list dwindle down until you’ve completed all your tasks.


As much as we hate to admit it, we are constantly attached to our phones. Social media, the Internet and texting all consume our lives, even when trying to study and do our homework. With the SelfControl app, you can block yourself from certain websites for a certain amount of time that you set for yourself. You can set it for the exact amount of time that your lecture is and once your lecture is over, you are free to check social media and other websites once more. It’s amazing how much we can get done when we are focused on the task at hand, instead of constantly switching our mind between homework and texting friends about your plans for later.

About the Author: Mary is a guest contributor from the Michigan State University Broad School of Business. She is passionate about education, marketing and the latest technology.