Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

Did your plans for Halloween change and you need a last minute costume or did you just forget about Halloween all together? Don’t worry! We have some easy, last-minute costume ideas that will make sure you look your best in a clever costume. What better way to celebrate Halloween than with a play on words and a unique costume?

  1. Ceiling Fan

With this easy yet clever costume, you can embrace a play on words. Use a plain shirt and with adhesive letters or even masking tape, write “Go Ceiling!” Then carry pom-poms or mop heads to cheer on your favorite ceiling. If you are feeling up to it, include a short pleated skirt for the complete effect.

  1. Iron Chef

This costume will only work if you can find a last-minute chef’s hat, but if you can, it’s worth it. All you have to do is wear a chef’s hat and hold an iron.

  1. Fork in the Road

With three simple components, you can have yourself a clever costume in record time. Wear a plain black outfit, pants and shirt. Put white duct tape down your middle from your collar to your ankle and then fasten a fork under one piece of duct tape. Clever and simple!

  1. Pumpkin Pi

Pumpkin pie and Halloween just go together, so why not incorporate this classic dessert into your costume as a pun! Dress in orange and tape a pi symbol onto your shirt. The simplest way to dress as dessert for Halloween!

  1. Self Portrait

You can be a life-size image of your favorite selfie. Bring a large, empty frame around with you, but make sure you take out the glass, and hold it in front of your face. Include other people in your frame for fun pictures all night long!