The F-150 Green Makeover

The growing trend of “going green” when it comes to the auto-world has some companies producing their most innovative ideas, designs, and engineering to date, and some companies skirting the edges. While the movement to develop more energy efficient, planet saving vehicles is a noble and needed pursuit, it is still in its infancy. Companies like Tesla are leading the way with major innovations and 100% electric vehicles, while major auto manufacturers are testing the waters of new technology integration, that is,  until now.

Announced earlier this week, Ford has stated that it will use aluminum instead of steel whenever possible in the production of its biggest seller, and arguably most known vehicle in the world, the F150. While this idea to make a vehicle mostly out of aluminum isn’t earth shattering in itself, having been done multiple times in the past, the fact that it will be done on a vehicle with such an enormous production scale is quite impressive. While reengineering engines and pushing towards innovation in the fuel consumption process is one worth doing, this is a gigantic shift that will have immediate benefits for everyday truck drivers.

For those of you that don’t know, aluminum is roughly one third as dense as steel and while the F150’s frame will remain steel, the box, cab, body, etc… will all be made of aluminum, and not too worry, Ford has promised these trucks will be just as rugged as their predecessors. All said and done, the next models are looking at weighing nearly 700 pounds less than before, which will drastically improve its so-so current fuel economy to something that won’t leave truck owners cringing when heading to get a fill up.

Another added benefit, aside from the weight loss, is the worry of rust going out the door, which could be another game changer for Ford. As truck owners know, these vehicles are used, abused, and see some very harsh conditions, and one of the worst sights is seeing the quarter sized holes develop above the wheel wells where rust has been slowly eating through. No more rust nightmares with these aluminum bodies, which will definitely have an interesting impact on the price and coverage need of extended warranties. Any smart truck owner knows that a factory backed extended warranty is always a great investment, but couple a good Ford extended warranty with aluminum F150, and I don’t know if you’re going to need another truck ever again.

So what’s this all mean for you? Well for one it’s another great step in the right direction of better fuel economy, lower emissions and a happier planet. It shows that the major players are really starting to put their chips into fuel efficient cars, and better yet, it will remain a viable economic choice for the everyday consumer. Who wouldn’t want a Tesla Model S? They look and perform amazingly, but who has $100K to cough up for one? Not this blogger. This F150 innovation is just another move in the right direction for the future of the auto industry.