The Clock Is Ticking for the Apple Watch

Sorry about the pun! But after Tim Cook’s unveiling of the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, and the Apple Watch, the consumers world is now set abuzz about the “almost”-jewelry line that Apple has entered itself into. And no, it’s not gonna be called iWatch. Just Watch. Interestingly, Apple is not the first one to introduce watches into the market. Android smartwatches like the Pebble Steel, Moto 360, and Samsung Gear have been there and done that and are just as stylish. But of course, when it’s Apple who does it, it sets the place on fire and now everybody wants to have one.

And you don’t have to worry about wearing the same watch that everybody else has. Apple introduced three watch collections, namely, the Apple Watch (stainless steel chassis), Apple Watch Sport (aluminum chassis), and Apple Watch Edition (18-karat gold chassis “formulated for hardness”). There are two sizes as well: 38mm (1.49-inches) and 42mm (1.65-inches) but they aren’t labeled as male and female watches. And what’s more? You get to choose from six straps, and the alluring sapphire display on the back certainly makes the Watch truly attractive. It’s no Swiss design but you can see the mark of an Apple brand – curved edges and power button on the side.

Now that you’re salivating on the Apple Watch, here are some caveats. First off, you need to have at least an iPhone 5 to make the Watch functional, plus $349, plus PATIENCE because this amazing product line will only be out in early 2015. No dates.

And here’s some more stuff you have to think about before you jump into the Watch bandwagon. The battery life of the Watch was not revealed during the presentation and it is largely assumed that it will work the same way as smartphones – charge daily. Since we have always used watches with batteries that last months and even years, it can take some getting used to having to charge with a MagSafe charger that comes with the Watch.

Also another of my personal reservation is the ease of use of the “galaxy icons”. Having all the small icons into one small screen?  How convenient and accessible will they be that they can overpower smartphones or tablets? Apple may have understood the jewelry and aesthetic aspect of the Watch, but how about its usability?

Knowing the huge Apple fan base, these concerns of mine may not matter at all as we have seen how Apple can change the way people use technology. Maybe the Watch will do the same thing on how we use our watches. Time will tell.