‘The Big Bang Theory’ Hot on Season Premiere

The Big Bang Theory, which had its season eight premiere on September 22, came in soaring above other shows. 17.9 million viewers tuned in to watch the back-to-back season premiere of the group of friends living in Pasadena. Despite being slightly down from last year’s record-breaking premiere, the show still had plenty of people watching. The two episodes easily took in the top two spots for the night, despite other Monday night premieres. Due to the huge number of viewers and its increasing popularity, CBS has decided to continue the double header of the hit show for the next three weeks. The new episode will continue to be shown at 8, while different repeat episodes will be shown at 8:30. This shift is programming has forced the show Mom to be delayed another month. With its season premiere taking place October 30 on Thursdays and returning to its Monday night slot not until the new year.

The show not only premiered the new season and plot line, but also Kaley Cuoco’s new haircut. After cutting her hair for a movie over the summer, Penny also donned the new do. The premiere didn’t include why she cut it, but definitely had it play a large part in the plot line. Penny didn’t travel with Leonard to pick up Sheldon and understandably so, as he made a comment and stormed out of the room when he saw her hair while fans off the screen reacted similarly as such. The plot was very well received by viewers as opposed to the reaction to her haircut. Many people tweeted about the haircut and how they missed her long blonde hair.  Will the show ever give us a reason as to why Penny cut her hair between the seasons? With new episodes each Monday, we can only keep watching to find out. Whether we discover a motive or not, fans will continue to wait week after week for her hair to grow back to the long wavy locks it was before.