Football is Back

You may not need reasons to be excited that football is back but we’re going to give them to you anyways. You never know, maybe in the midst of the summer’s hot sun, World Cup fever, and NBA free agency fireworks, you have forgotten about America’s past, present, and future time. So get those tailgates down, put on a baggy jersey, and jump in a pile of fall leaves because football is back.


There’s no better transition from summer cookouts on the porch to grilling out at a tailgate. It’s an American tradition and served best in the parking lots, golf courses, and grass fields surrounding the coliseums across the union. College Gameday is one of the most popular sports shows on television that encompasses the hours of anticipation and fun leading up to kickoff. Plus, you can’t beat the food.

The Characters:

Whether they’re in the stands or on the fields, football has the best cast of characters. Whether it’s Richard Sherman or the nutty Ohio State fan we love our characters and football season is their theater. The stage is set, time to be entertained.


Football is the ultimate justification in the fall. It can help you get out of boring social events, yard work, and even work. Even  tasks on the to-do lists seems valuable when football season comes around. You can’t invite all those friends over to the house without getting the floor redone by Carolina Flooring. So use it as an excuse, crutch, or social getaway, that’s what it’s for and we all understand it. Most of all, football is a justification for crying, freaking out, and going crazy. You’d be put in an insane asylum for most things done in the stands of a football stadium.

Week Day Fun:

Football season makes the weekdays fun and exciting. Whether you’re debating with your co-workers at lunch about the past week’s game, sporting your team colors, checking injury reports, and just getting pumped for the next game, the weekdays in fall fly by because of the excitement football brings.


When Your Team Wins a Rivalry Game

And talking about weekday excitement, there’s no better time than the days leading up to your rivalry game. The banter between friends and family, the weird clothing bets, and intensity of game day make “insert rival’s name” week the best week of the year. That’s until after the game where a win could continue the blissful joy or loss could make the next week full of sorrow.

Fantasy Football:

The strangest first world obsession when grown men live vicariously through athletes to compete in a fake game against their buddies, all on computers. Plus those “expert” fantasy analysts are the biggest joke in the world. Nobody really knows what they’re doing.