End of Summer To Dos

As the days become shorter and the crisp air arises in the morning, we slowly sense the ending of summer. The changing of the leaves, football, and school beginning are around the corner. But before we give up a summer of delight and fun there’s still time to take advantage of the time of warmth left. Here are the top things you need to do at the end of your summer.


Before you clean your pool and close it up for the summer take advantage of swimming. Whether its in your pool, lake, or ocean, swimming is for summer and you only have a few opportunities left.


Go Somewhere New

Maybe you haven’t gone to your friends cottage yet this summer. Or maybe you’ve missed a chance to go to the local ballpark. In the next couple weeks of summer, explore and go somewhere new.

Find That Summer Love

Only a couple more days to have a summer fling. Find that camp crush or meet someone new on the beach. The summer fling countdown is on.

Listen to More Country Music

Rock out to the radio to the classic summer country tunes. Because let’s be honest, most people don’t care once summer is over.


You may be sad for summer to be over, but just remember football season is coming and Fall is awesome!