Crazy Thoughts Before the Last year of College

Maybe it’s your fourth year or maybe it’s your eight year, but the before the last year of college there’s a few crazy thoughts swirling in your mind…


Ahhhhhh Freshmen Year

I remember the first time I walked onto campus, I was so young and innocent.

Real Job Time

No more internships or part-time dorm clerk, now I have to get a real job. This isn’t going to be very fun. It’s hard to be serious and think down the road while everyone around me is just looking to figure out next weekend plans. Time to hit up my campus’ job page, look over my resume and get a Monster account.

Say “Goodbye” to Being Cool

My college days are numbered meaning my days for being cool is over too. When your in the real world “coolness” doesn’t get you anywhere.

Insurance? That’s like Obamacare Right?

Unfortunately I’ll only have my health insurance covered by my parents until I’m 26. Which means I need to talk to someone who understands insurance.

I’m Going to Pass on My Blessing

Enjoy it freshmen it’s going to be an amazing ride.

Am I Going To Be One of Those Crazy Alumni?

Heck yes I am. I already bought my alumni season ticket package.

I’m Going to Take Every Advantage to Have Fun This year

Until two weeks before finals when I realize I might have to stay another year.


Let’s not think about those unless I have to.

I’m Going to Miss This Place

College has been truly the best times of my life. It’s going to be hard to say goodbye.