Tips for August Fun

One more month of summer? Say it isn’t so! Yes, the last month of summer begins on Friday, which means the end of sweet tea, lakes, fireworks, and shorts. So if you haven’t taken advantage of a summer of fun, here are 4 easy steps to enjoy the last month of summer…August.

1. Take Work Off:

If you’ve spent your entire summer at work and haven’t taken more than one day off then you’re missing out. Bosses expect and want you to take advantage of the summer months. It provides more happiness for workers and therefore more productivity in the long run. So take some days off this August and dive into the beauty of the summer.

Time to leave work for a day or two.

2. Play Hard:

If you’ve already taken days off of work this summer than you probably should stick around during weekdays this month. But don’t forget to enjoy the evenings and weekends in August. Work hard, then play hard. This winter you’re never going to say “I wish I did less this summer”, so get outside and do something new. Make memories and make August the best month yet.

What he said.


3. Go Somewhere:

With schools out and the roads clear, August is the perfect time to travel somewhere with friends or family. Book a vacation on the beach or rent a cabin for the weekend. No matter what you do remember that August is the month for new summer adventures.

How about a 500 miles road trip?

4. Stay Cool:

August is usually the hottest month in the summer so staying cool is very necessary. There are some obvious ways to stay cool in August like air conditioning and a cold beverage. But why not try something fun and exciting all while staying cool in the August heat? Homemade slip n’ slides, water balloon fights, and late night swims are all unique ways to beat the heat and make memories.

August is water balloon fight season.