Throwback Summer Activities

Throwback Thursday on Instagram can be entertaining, but it really doesn’t capture the beauty of experiences of the past. As we grow up, summers fail to capture the glory and excitement it did when we were kids. Now we just dread going to work when we could be relaxing at the beach. But instead of wallowing in throwback sorrow on your phone, why not try an activity that used to bring you so much joy once school got out and summer began.

Make a Slip N’ Slide:

Instead of going to Target to buy a overpriced plastic Slip N’ Slide, make your own. Get out a big tarp from your garage, find a hill, and then slick it up with water and soap. You’ll feel exhilarated when your dive head first down a soaked tarp and into your childhood memories. If you want to get really crazy, try going down your homemade slide on a inner tube.

Put a Sprinkler Under a Tramp:

Like most of our childhood summer memories, they mostly involve a form of swimsuits and water. There’s nothing like a tramp as a kid and there’s nothing like a tramp that has water shooting out of it. Use your imagination to create every game scenario for the water including: the water is lava, the water is poison, or the water is nice so dive in it.


Sidewalk Chalk:

The driveway is your canvas and sidewalk chalk is your tool. Create beautiful rainbow or kitten with amazing chalk colors that every car pulling up to the driveway will enjoy. There will be layers upon layers of your work intertwined with tic-tac-toe games and colored bike tire tracks. Your art will last until the next rainfall and then everything will be washed away and the magic begins again.


Yeah, this is awesome.


Pools are the adolescent watering holes of the summer. All afternoon plans revolve on time spent at the pool. Everyone goes to the friend’s house with the pool or the video game console, and if they have both you might as well move in. So this summer, take some time to relax at the pool, force it to create your summer plans to revolve around pool time. If you don’t have a pool than contact an expert like Paradise Pools and Spas. Or just be creative…



And finally, eat a unhealthy amount of these.




Do you have any other ideas for summer throwback activities? Comment below and we’ll put you into a part 2 of the list.