Must-Follow Instagrams for Fitness Junkies

Whether your sport of choice is running, yoga, or weight training, it always helps to have a little #motivation for those days when you’re feeling less-than-awesome. Fortunately, there are lots of role models making their stories known through various social media channels. Following your favorite brands and athletes on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram is a great way to stay on top of new techniques, products, and events in the world of [insert your favorite sport here]. We recommend following these Instagram accounts for maximum fitness inspiration!

  • New York Road Runners (newyorkroadrunners): This account is stocked with photos from NYRR staff members, volunteers, and members. We love this account because it’s full of starting line, mid-race, and finish line photos that will surely bring a smile to your face.
  • Kara Goucher (karagoucher) and Dorothy Beal (mileposts): Visit their Instagram accounts for pictures of totally adorable kids (both ladies are moms!) and inspirational running photos and quotes. Kara is a professional runner for Team Oiselle (see below) who is also well-known for her high-quality #ThrowbackThursday self portraits – you don’t want to miss those.
  • Lauren Fleshman (fleshmanflyer): Lauren is another professional runner for Team Oiselle, and is also the co-creator of Picky Bars (gluten-free and dairy-free energy bars). In addition to checking out her Instagram feed, we recommend combing back through her blog to read the birth announcement for her son – it’s worth your time.
  • Jen Dugard (jendugard): Jen is a fitness specialist whose Instagram is full of inspirational fitness pictures and soul-lifting quotes (not to mention a sprinkling of tasty-looking food pics). She can also perform a one-handed kettlebell handstand. Try to top that one.
  • Oiselle (oiselle): An all-women’s running/fitness apparel brand with an excellent social media presence. They sponsor female professional runners from all over the United States, so their Instagram feed is always full of aspirational photos of their awesome runners.
  • Jessie Lam (lamjess1): Ms. Lam is a personal trainer, bikini competitor, and yogi (among other things). If you’re looking for awesome yoga/strong body photos (or you like to twist yourself into a pretzel and take pictures of it), you’ve found the right lady. Jessie is totally ripped and her level of fitness is enviable.
  • A.J. Johnson (theajzone): Made famous after appearing on Oprah’s Lindsay Lohan docu-series, A.J. is a magical combination of psychic, inspirational leader, healthy food junkie, and personal trainer. Follow her for several daily doses of inspirational quotes.

This post was written by a guest contributor for Clinton County Medical Center.