Are You a Netflix Addict?

netflixIn the modern world of television no longer do we have to wait 6 days for the next episode of our favorite show to air. With online video players like Netflix people can have immediate gratification in watching multiple episodes and seasons on TVs, computers, and phones. The result is physical and mental Netflix addiction that is caused from symptoms of binge watching television shows and movies. On rainy or boring days, there is always the temptation to watch a full season of How I Met Your Mother or watch the latest movie on your video queue. But you don’t have a Netflix addiction right? If your confident in your Netflix maturity, take the test to see if your a Netflix addict.


Question 1: Do you (or your family) have/share a Netflix subscription? Y/N

Question 2: Do you watch Netflix more than 5 times a week? Y/N

Question 3: Have you watched a full TV series on Netflix? Y/N

Question 4: Have you watched a Netflix Original Series? Y/N

Question 5: Do you watch Netflix when your bored? Y/N

Question 6: Do you watch Netflix when your busy? Y/N

Question 7: Do you spend large periods of  time with your significant other or friends watching Netflix? Y/N

Question 8: Do you have a set time in your schedule for watching Netflix? Y/N

Question 9: Have you ever watched a full season of a show on Netflix in one sitting? Y/N

Question 10: Can you remember the last time you watched a television show from a television channel on an actual television? Y/N


*If you answered “yes” to 5 or less of these questions then congratulations, you are not a Netflix addict!

**If you answered “yes” to 6-8 of these questions then you are highly dependent on Netflix for satisfaction and spend a majority of your free time watching Netflix. Go outside and make a friend, there’s hope for you yet!

***If you answered “yes” to 9-10 of these questions then YOU ARE A NETFLIX ADDICT. Netflix is where you spend all of your free time and sometimes you’ll skip work, class, or an important social gathering to watch just one more episode. If you answered “yes” to question #9 than that means you are in a serious addiction phase. But don’t fret! Help is on the way. Here are 5 easy steps to get over your Netflix addiction.

#1. Unsubscribe

This may seem harsh but the best way to overcome your addiction is to first unsubscribe immediately. This doesn’t mean you can’t watch Netflix for the rest of your life, but it is the first step required in taking a long term break. By doing this first step you will be forced to at least listen to the rest of the other steps. If you share the account, have someone else change the password so you can’t log in.

#2. Try Something New

For all that time spent watching Netflix you need to find a substitute for entertainment. Try reading a book, comic, or magazine. For couples, working out is a great way to to try something new and healthy. Getting outdoors, especially in the summer, is a great way to break your Netflix addiction by experiencing the various ways to explore nature.

#3. Go on a Trip

For many people watching gross amounts of Netflix is a cry for help as a result of boredom. So instead of watching another season of Breaking Bad, go on a trip to experience a new place and discover new possibilities. Even something as simple as a day hiking trip can break your Netflix cravings by substituting something fresh and new.

#4. Relax Differently

Starring at a screen and being engrossed into a exciting story may feel like a relaxing escape, but many studies show that watching TV or Netflix is not the best way to calm your mind and body. Relax differently. This can be as simple as listening to music on your porch to going to a bed and breakfast and getting a massage.

#5. Be Accountable

Have a good friend or significant other be accountable with you on how much time you watch Netflix or TV. By sharing this pact with someone you trust, you can help each other watch Netflix responsibly. This may seem like overkill, but you’ll be surprised on how much time you watch Netflix and how having a friendly reminder can prevent you from addiction.