5 Wacky Wedding Ideas

Wedding season is in full force and before you start complaining about ugly dresses, bad DJs, and awkward best man speeches, check out these wacky wedding ideas.

pancakes Breakfast for Dinner: Some couples may not have the same wedding budget as Kim Kardashian so cutting  costs is a big discussion when planning the “special day”. Food is one of the significant budget breakers for a  wedding, but instead of not having food or trying save money by hiring a distant relative to cater it, try  something wacky like having breakfast food for dinner. This a unique way to separate from the mundane “fish  or chicken” while saving a ton of money. Plus who wouldn’t want their wedding cake to be a stack of  pancakes?

 Fanboy Wedding: This is definitely reserved for the nerd couples, but can you imagine a Star Wars or  Tarantino themed wedding where everyone (including the bride and groom) dress up as a character? Some  obsessed couples have even played into the theatrics of their favorite fiction series, like this wedding that  used Gollumm from Lord of the Rings as their ring bearer.

Sports Wedding: Many young women whence at the idea of being proposed at a sports game, but what about being married at one? A couple from Detroit, Michigan got married during halftime of a semi-pro soccer game at midfield in front of 2,000 fans that included friends and family. So much for a small and private ceremony.DCFC

Throwback Wedding: Retro is in right now, so what better way to celebrate the big day then going back in time to make the ceremony reminiscent of a past era. Whether its 1970s colored tuxes or having high tea at a southern bed and breakfast , a throwback wedding can score couples big points with their grandparents and hipster friends.

Trash the Dress: Some brides spend more on their wedding dress than college tuition to only wear it for one day. So what is there to do with a white dress that will never be worn again? Most people leave it in the closet or store it in the attic only to bring out to show their grand kids. So why not have some fun with it? Brides around the world are participating in the new tradition of trashing the dress after the wedding. This can be done in several creative ways: food fight, mud wrestling, swimming in the ocean, or painting the dress.trashdress