10 Apps You Need This Summer

The sun is shining, a cool breeze is blowing, and summer is finally here. After a long, cruel winter, we are all ready to live it up for summer 2014. The last thing you want to do is spend the whole summer on your iPhone, but these awesome apps enhance the fun in the sun that we’re all about.

1. Park’n Find

Turn this app on as you leave your car at a crowded concert, beach, or other summer event, and it will guide you back to your car when the fun is over.

2. Weber’s On the Grill

The $4.99 price tag is steep for an app, but with over 250 mouth-watering recipes, you’ll definitely get your money’s worth. With recipes, tips, and techniques, this app is a must for your next summer barbecue.

3. Sun Alert

Nothing ruins a vacay quicker than a sunburn, so keep on track with this app. It tells you how long your body can stay in the sun without burning and reminds you to reapply sunscreen so your summer stays fun and safe.

4. ReallyLateBooking

If you’re all about spontaneous road trips, this app is a must. It helps you to find steep discounts on hotels when you book the same day.

5. Water Your Body

Prevent dehydration and heatstroke with this app, which calculates the amount of water your body needs in a given day and helps you to track your aqua intake.

6. Postagram Postcards

Turn your instagram photos into personalized e-postcards wherever your summer takes you. You can even turn your picture into a real postcard and mail it to a loved one for just 99 cents.

7. Festival Ready

If music festivals are on your to-do this summer, this app will make the experience far smoother. With navigation, weather, camping tips, and more, you’ll be ready for a festival adventure.

8. TapHunter

For craft brew aficionados, TapHunter will be your new best friend. If you’re in an unfamiliar city, use the app to find nearby breweries and restaurants and see what’s on tap without even walking in.

9. Find My Friends

Whether you’re worried about getting separated at a huge event or you’re just looking to see what the hot hangout of the night is, Find My Friends is a quick and easy way to locate your buddies.

10. ParkWhiz

This genius app allows you to locate and reserve parking spots in hot cities like New York and Chicago, saving you loads of time, energy, and stress.

About the Author: Thanks to Sarah for contributing this article. Sarah is a summer expert, with years of South Carolina living under her belt. She loves writing about travel and summer fun, and works as a contributing blogger for Paradise Pools in SC.