Top 5 Furniture in TV History

Furniture is often an overlooked part of pop culture and television lore. But if you take it away, kingdoms would collapse, coffee shops would be amiss, and childhood memories would be swept away. Here are the Top 5 pieces of furniture in T.V. history.

BRCC 5- The Big Red Comfy Couch from The Big Red Comfy Couch: You can’t get a more confused  and haunted childhood than a clown child sitting on a hideous green couch talking to an animated  doll. 1990s kids from around the world continue to wonder how their parents let them watch the  show every Saturday morning. It’s a piece of furniture that is unfortunately cemented into a  generation’s memory.



4- The Beds from I Love Lucy: Lucille Ball and Ricky Ricardo shared laughs and gags on the hit 1950s show, but they didn’t share a bed. It was taboo at the time in television to show a couple in bed together, so Lucy and Ricky slept in separate twin beds side by side in the show. The furniture statement was ironic at the time because they were married in real life. Wow have times changed.

kirk chair 1

3- The Captain’s Chair from Star Trek: The Original Series: The most coveted and recognized  piece of furniture in the galaxy is the captain’s chair on the star ship USS Enterprise. William Shatner, as the  infamous Captain Kirk, is known for his overly dramatic scenes that many times used his command chair.  Standing up, sitting down, spinning around, and long pauses were all part of Kirk’s legend that was made  possible by the captain’s chair.


friends-central perk-2

2- The Central Perk Couch from Friends: The most famous fictional coffee shop in New York City would not be complete without its orange couch that made an appearance on every single episode of the classic 1990s show. Jokes, awkward situations, break ups, and emotional moments all took place on the historic couch. Without this piece of furniture, Central Perk wouldn’t be the same. Plus an over-sized couch was an easy way to fit as many cast members as possible in camera frame.

1- The Iron Throne from Game of Thrones: Never has there been so much deception, lies, murder, and dragons over an uncomfortable piece of metal furniture. The Iron Throne is a symbolic title for the King of the Andals and a foreshadow for any fan favorite character’s timely death if they sit on it. The Game of Thrones writer/creator George R.R. Martin loves this piece of furniture so much that it named the series after it  and gave every main character an internal motivation to sit on it.



-Luke Ferris 

About the Author: Luke Ferris is a guest lifestyle blogger who loves binge watching TV shows. For his day job, Luke works as sales representative for Corporate Office Interiors in Michigan.