How to Live a Gossip Girl Lifestyle

One of my favorite idle daydreams brought on by binging shows on Netflix (that’s normal, right?) is the swanky lifestyle of the Upper East Side’s elite in my guilty pleasure show- Gossip Girl. Between Blair Waldorf’s wardrobe, Serena Van Der Woodsen’s boyfriends, and Dan Humphrey’s loft (even if it’s in Brooklyn), I can’t help but be envious of these characters’ lives. Without even realizing it, I started incorporating elements of the show into my life, albeit more budget-friendly options. Here’s a few of my pro tips, with love from XOXO Gossip Girl. Hey, I never claimed I wasn’t shallow.

Brunch Like You Mean It

Brunch is probably one of the greatest inventions of all time, and yet the only people that seem to partake is little old ladies who go after church and Manhattan’s elite. It’s time to change that. Don your pearls and head to the greatest brunch spot in your town and you’ll already feel like a million bucks. Or, host an elegant brunch of your own with easy brunch recipes! And no, eating Denny’s in your sweatpants on Sunday morning is NOT brunch.

Vacation in Style

This one might be a little unrealistic, but if you can vacation with even a small fraction of the luxury that the characters on this show enjoy, you’re doing something right. Travel in the off season to save some green, or scan sites like Groupon for great deals on travel. Set your sights high on relaxing destinations featured in Gossip Girl, like Monaco or Italy. Tourist destinations famous for millionaires have their drawbacks, but they don’t get the hype for nothing. I can tell you, my stay in a Cape Cod bed and breakfast (you can see for yourself here –¬†was one of the best times of my life.

Have a Signature Look

While I don’t recommend Blair’s headbands, having a look that’s uniquely you is a fun way to be remembered. Serena’s casual bohemian look and Blair’s preppy plaid both display their personalities in a way that is enviably stylish. Play around with your wardrobe until you have your signature look, and debut it out on the town, NYC style!