10 Random Things that Reality TV Shows are Looking For

Have you always dreamed of being a reality TV star? If you’re like me, idle hours of watching guilty pleasure television has probably led to an unhealthy daydream. Watching strangers date, fight, and compete on the myriad of reality shows on television today, I can’t help but wonder what I would do if I were on a reality show. For some, this is just a fun train of thought, but for others, it’s a serious quest. If you’re looking for reality stardom, check out these open casting calls. Most are available on the casting sites Backstage.com or RealityWanted.com.

1. San Diego Partiers

Mario Lopez is looking for San Diego partiers for a Jersey Shore-esque series entitled the “Baja Project” showing the world how to party “Diego style”

2. Unconventional Women

If you’re a woman facing challenges with your loved ones because of your lifestyle (new religion, culture, extreme sport, all of the above?) then this show wants you.

3. Overweight Pets

A fat dog might not seem like a glamorous problem, but if Fido is packing on the pounds, you and he can both get on TV.

4. Buffalo Wing Aficionados

Maybe your friends think it’s weird when you debate the sauce and texture attributes of buffalo wings, but reality TV wants you. This show is looking for college aged Buffalo NY residents to go on a quest for the ultimate wing.

5. Residents of Eureka Springs

If you’re from the beautiful city of Eureka Springs, put your hometown pride on display by auditioning for this new reality show. (And if you’ve never heard of this Arkansas city, do what I did and take a vacation to Eureka Springs!)

6. Ugly Backyards

Home makeovers have been done for a while, but if your backyard is the real eyesore you are eligible for a new makeover show featuring a celebrity landscape designer.

7. Gold Diggers

In the awfully named new show “Dating Ballers”, beautiful women will go on dates with rich, single celebrities. Yuck.

8. Unconventional Models

The Fashion Hero” seeks to change narrow standards of the fashion industry through a new modeling competition with competitors that don’t fit the traditional model archetype.

9. Big Families

Big, colorful families have been rocking reality TV lately, and it isn’t stopping yet. Reality TV is seeking more big families, particularly those that are united by a family business or purpose that is a bit unusual 

10. Veteran Stand-Ups

In one of the more specific casting calls out there, a new reality TV show is seeking stand-up comedians that have served in the U.S. armed forces to be a part of a new patriotic reality series.