Looking Into the Future of Health and Wearable Tech

Wearable tech is slowly becoming the future of not just health practitioners but in consumer electronics as well. However, when it comes to wearable health tech, style is just second to functionality. Read further and take a peek on the future of these wearable and health tech gadgets:

The one that will make it happen

Current health app makers will be the ones that are on deck to make the single app that we need. But with the way things are shaping up it seems that Apple is putting all the stops to become the operating system that will elevate health towards the future. Healthbook is just like Passbook for health enthusiasts. This app will be deeply integrated into the new version of iOS so that it can tap the services of the M7 co-processor and also the instruments that are in the upcoming companion smartwatch the iWatch. Apple is serious in its attempt to enter the wearable technology business and wants to make a grand splash at it.

The future is nearing

It is said that the Healthbook will be included in the host of features when iOS8 comes out, which is anticipated to be released by June. Of course, we are still uncertain about this considering how Apple keeps its cards close. But suspicion got boosted when Apple met with Food and Drug Administration officials to make a good bid for Apple’s health-centric strategy.

The rise of the contenders

Apple is not the only tech company that will be bidding for wearable and health tech domination. The appointment of the new Microsoft leader will also take into consideration the growing potential of wearable and health apps and technology. The Microsoft bra for binge eating due to anxiety and stress is just the start. Google’s entry into artificial intelligence has been touted as an attempt to make smart wearables smarter than ever. There is no shortage of challengers for Apple’s rise towards the future and the race will be as heated as always.

Health is important and it is a battle ground that tech players wanted to exploit. More than just the Flappy Birds and the problem of NSA snooping—tech will someday be more of use to humanity. It is the fervent hope of everyone that the technology that is being developed becomes useful not only to those who can afford it but also to those that would need it the most.

These wearable health tech gadgets can either reduce your stress and anxiety of modern living or will only make your health worse, what do you think? Feel free to to visit Calm Clinic to learn more about stress and anxiety.