How To Know When To DIY Or Hire An Expert

As the weather warms up and we prepare for the spring and summer seasons, many people are looking toward the beginnings of their home improvement season. In addition to saving money, doing a home improvement project on your own can be a very rewarding experience for some people. But, at some point, you have to draw the line and hire a contractor or professional who knows what they’re doing and how to do it properly. Here are some tips that any homeowner should consider before they decide whether they want to do it themselves or go pro.

Go It Alone
Painting: For the most part, painting a room is not something you need to hire a professional to do for you. If you go to any hardware store and ask them about the equipment, steps, and for any tips, you should be more than able to complete the project on your own without much hassle. There are a lot of great free tips on the web to help you with your painting jobs as well, like this one from the DIY Network.
Small Repairs: When it comes to a loose hinge, a small hole in the drywall, or a door knob that needs replaced, or even a wobbly shelf, these are all things that you should be able to fix on your own. If you can fix it by hand in less than 30 minutes, there’s no need to hire an expert.

Use Your Judgement
Installing shelving: For the most part, this type of project can be DIY, but if you’re planning to have the shelf hold expensive or heavy objects, you might want to have it professionally installed for extra security.
Safety Repairs or Installments: If you’re thinking of installing or fixing a safety railing of a loft or deck/patio, or making any significant childproofing/safety installment or repair, you may want to call in an expert. These sorts of repairs are very important, and having faulty safety equipment can lead to dangerous and scary situations for families and homeowners. Even for pretty niche work like this a quick Google search will find you someone nearby who specializes in it. I did a Google search for “palm beach repair safety railing on balcony” and what do you know, there’s someone who specializes in that.

Go For Pros
External Repairs: If you’re going to be replacing or fixing any part of your roof or siding, you should call in an expert to make sure that the work is structurally sound. Unless you have experience with installing or replacing siding and roofing of a home, hire an expert! I started a siding job with my husband a couple of years ago and we threw in the towel and called our local contractor to finish up for us (here’s a shout out to Carolina Services!)
Serious Electrical Work: If you’re rewiring light switches, running a cable connection to a new room, or relocating lighting fixtures, you should call an electrician to help make sure things go smoothly. This kind of work can be difficult to get right on the first try and dangerous if you get your wires crossed. The risk is too great to worry about saving money on a project like this.

Some homeowners may have a background that has them feeling comfortable doing projects others are not. Using your judgement is always important in home repairs, but at some point the purse strings will need to be loosened so the job can be done well and safely by a trained and acclaimed expert.