Get Inspired to Write a Book: Tips

I think many of us are cherishing the idea of writing their own book one day. But the understanding that writing a book is an involving and long process holds us back. Even if you know what you’d like to write, it’s hard to stay on track for a long time and the lack of inspiration can end up in non-completing your book and leaving it all halfway. To avoid that, you’ll need a lot of inspiration and motivation. Here are some tips on where you can find the inspiration throughout the process of writing:

  1. Evoke the sense of inspiration. Before writing, you’ll have to understand the fact you won’t be inspired during the process of writing your entire book. So, even if you don’t feel inspired, sit at your workplace and get down to writing. When you regularly act like this, the inspiration will come in the process of writing.
  2. Visit a local museum or art gallery. Even if you’re not a fan of the visual arts, there’s no denying the fact that observing art objects influence us in a positive way. They expand our mental outlook, stimulate imagination and evoke feelings and memories which can become a great source of inspiration. An idea of a work of art can influence your plot, too.
  3. Read your favorite bloggers. I always take the time to read the recent updates from my favorite bloggers. The short articles on the topics you like can give you a fresh look at an old problem or give a push for interesting dialogue.
  4. Observe people in public places. It’s unlikely that you will have fresh ideas or interesting minds about plot, descriptions or characters when leading the same lifestyle and chatting with the same people. Try to spend more time outdoors, in unusual places. Listen to people talking in public transport, in the park or at the nearest table in the cafe. A lot of unusual things worth describing can be heard this way.
    Also, when outside, try to get distracted from your own thoughts and focus your attention on the people around you. Watch the way they walk, their gestures, facial expression, etc. If you lack inspiration for creating a vivid, believable character, this method can excel all your expectations.
  5. The power of music. Listening to your favorite artists is a proven way to uplift your mood and make you more productive during long writing sessions. Any kind of music will do, it depends on your tastes only. It’s better to switch on the instrumental music though, so the words would not distract you.
  6. Overcoming the block. If you feel stuck and cannot write a single word for a couple of days, the worst things you can do are trying and punishing yourself to work. Obviously, you need a break. But don’t let your break be a simple lying in front of TV or useless web surfing. Spend some time in the fresh air. Go to the countryside or even travel abroad for a while.
    Try to walk more, keep up to date with your diary to put your thoughts in order. Such vacations have a secret power to make you fresh, relaxed and inspired for your everyday activities, including writing.

About the author: Sarah Hall enjoys writing on a wide variety of topics. She covers such areas as business, blogging, social media and many others. Sarah enjoys traveling and sharing her impressions. Feel free to contact her on magic essay writer or Google+.