5 Favorite Lake Vacations

Well, I got 8 inches of snow dumped on me this week, so I am dreaming now more than ever of days out on the lake with a drink in my hand. If you’re a water dweller like myself, check out this bucket list of beautiful lakes in the United States. These beautiful sights are perfect for fishing, kayaking, water skiing, or just relaxing. Whatever floats your boat!

Lake of the Ozarks, MO

This serpentine lake is one of America’s most unique and most popular. The 1150 miles of shoreline (more than the entire state of California!) has evolved over time to include some of the best and most beautiful golf courses, in addition to the fishing and lake activity fun out on the water.

Deep Creek Lake, MD

This lake may be man-made, but it’s beauty sure does seem all natural. There are tons of great activities year round at the lake, and you can meet some of the nicest people in America out on the water or in the surrounding towns. Stay in one of the many unique Deep Creek Inns for an unforgettable experience.

Lake Superior, MI, WI, or MN

The largest of the Great Lakes, Lake Superior could easily be mistaken for an ocean by those unfamiliar with the area. Though the water remains a bit cold for swimming except in peak months of July and August, the breathtaking sights and unbeatable fishing more than make up for it.







Lake Kabetogama, MN

This lake offers amazing campsites only accessible by water and the chance to relive history as you canoe the same waterways as Native Americans and early explorers did before you. As a part of Voyageurs National Park, a trip to the lake will also put you in close proximity to the native wildlife, which a careful eye can spot on shore!

Lake Havasu, AZ

This gorgeous lake plopped in the middle of the Arizona desert may look like a mirage, but it’s not. The lake was created in the 1930s and is now a popular spot for tourists and locals alike to escape the Arizona heat. Whether you’re looking for water skiing adventures or just a beautiful campground to stay the night, Lake Havasu is a great stop.