Best Places for LA Celebrity Sightings

Admit it- every time you visit a big city you have a secret yearning to have a casual run-in with a celebrity. Whether it’s standing in line for Starbucks with Denzel Washington or shopping with Jennifer Lawrence (you just KNOW she would tell you if you can pull those harem pants off), it’s definitely a bit of a fantasy. Nowhere is that more true than in Los Angeles. You might think that strolling through Hollywood gives you pretty good odds to catch a celebrity sighting, but even in LA you have to be strategic.


Celebrities aren’t always like the rest of us, but one place they are is the baggage terminal. If you fly into LA, hang around terminal 3 for a bit and you might just get lucky. If not, there are always cool art shows to pass the time.


If you’re in LA to shop, stop by Kitson for eclectic gifts and eclectic clientele. You can find an awesome t-shirt and then turn around and have your favorite celeb autograph it for you.

Nobu Los Angeles

This sushi restaurant was co-founded by Robert DeNiro, if that tells you anything. You’ll pay a pretty penny for your California rolls, but you’ll see a few A-Listers on your way to the restroom on any given Saturday night.

Runyon Canyon

If just the idea of seeing Ryan Gosling work out has you in a sweat, head to Runyon Canyon, where celebrities get serious about getting in shape. Work off your vacation calories and see your favorite celebrities chisel their abs or work off their baby weight.

Studio City Farmers Market

If you’re hoping for a viewing of a favorite celebrity baby, check out the farmers market, featuring a petting zoo and pony rides that famous mamas can’t resist.

Pizzeria Mozza

This is one of few celebrity dining hangouts that isn’t ridiculously expensive, which is a testament to how good the food is! We recommend the gnocchi- take a bite and you won’t care if you have sauce in your face in every photo!

M Cafe de Chaya

If you can stomach kale salad and quinoa for lunch, this cafe is a great place to spot celebrities sticking to their fad diets. The food is super healthy (but still delicious!) and a patio spot by the parking lot will have you front row to the comings and goings of Hollywood’s Elite.

About the Author: Thanks to my friend Katya for contributing this post. Katya has spent most of her adult life traveling the world and sharing her experiences with others (and meeting plenty of celebrities along the way!) You can read more of her work at TheLodgeWinslow